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  June, 2005

President's Message:

What an eventful year we have had so far!

Our hearts go out to Lesley Andrews, who suffered a terrible tragedy on April 15, not only losing her home in a house fire, but her husband Wayne and some dogs as well.  She thanks you for all your thoughts and prayers, and is planning to rebuild.  We will keep you all informed as how we as a club can be of assistance to her as things progress.

Our show is fast approaching on June 25 and I ask you all to please volunteer to help Alan with the luncheon as needed, and remind you that there is still time to make a donation to the trophy fund.  If you have not done so send you check in now!  We will be selling bumper stickers at the luncheon for $5 each as a fundraiser.  Please keep this in mind for birthday/holiday gifts for all your doxie friends.  Please call Alan Bower 434-243-7863 to determine if food items are still needed for the luncheon.

Next year at the 06 Show VKC has given us permission to hold a “microchip clinic” as a fundraiser.  More about that later.

Although Edie Feisner is recovering from major surgery, she has nevertheless invited us to have the Summer Picnic and Fun Match at her home in Palmyra.  Would someone like to volunteer to be the judge??  This will be on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you all in advance for your teamwork and support to make this our best show ever!  See you on June 25th.

Barbara Friedman

DFCV 2005 Specialty Show

Our club will host a “Dachshund Specialty Show held in conjunction with” the Virginia Kennel Club All Breed and Obedience Show on Saturday June 25.  We will “support entries” on Sunday June 26.  You don’t have to know what all that gibberish means, you can learn that “ringside” the day of the show.  Come out to support your club members who will be showing that day and volunteering to keep things inside and outside of the ring running smoothly!!  If you have questions about where to be when email me { }   Include VKC show in the subject line or I might think you’re SPAM!  We generally get started by 8 or 8:30 and wrap up by mid day so we can hold a luncheon for all the exhibitors and volunteers and club members.  Join in the FUN!  Maybe I can talk you into being the liaison to VKC for next year’s Specialty held in conjunction with……Mary Ann Massie


Phyllis Grilli
Mary Ann and Charlie Massie
Sarah and Lawrence Getzler
Barbara Bagley
Bill and Betsy Schrage
Kathy Nixon-Turner
Catherine Johnson
Tanya Rodich
Dr. Randy and Capt. Pete Eltringham
Marilyn Palmore
Carolynn Montgomery
Alan Bower
Connie and Gary Fisher
Monika and Paul Martin
Jennifer Abersold
Lorraine Genieczko
June Cohran
Ann and Stanley Reed

Donations as of 06/01/05

Obedience Workshop Review:

I recently participated in a four day workshop with John Rogerson, noted dog behaviorist from England.  The workshop was hosted by Richmond Dog Obedience Club and was organized by Carol Maupin and yours truly.  It was a whole lot of work.  We started a eighteen months before his arrival – he books out that far in advance!  The agenda was one day of puppy development, one day of general behavior, and two days of competition obedience.  It was an amazing experience.  A whole lot of work, but an amazing experience.  John was a delight to entertain throughout the week.  And his confidence (based on his experience with literally thousands of dogs) was inspiring as he read over “problem” emails during lunch one day.  His response “oh I can fix that” “I can fix that in five minutes”  “no problem there”  It was almost funny.  I’ll tell you about one of the “problem dogs” that I actually know.  He is a nervous dog who scoots on his bottom when he gets stressed – not great behavior for competition obedience.  His handler is a great gal, super trainer, but a worrier too.  She talked to John about the problem one night at dinner and he said “no problem, we’ll fix it tomorrow in five minutes” – and left it at that.  Well dern if he didn’t do it!  Carol Maupin and I participated in the “fix” and the handler and I were none to sure what exactly took place but we put it all into motion the following weekend at their first trial – and you guessed it, they qualified both days receiving their first two legs toward their companion dog title!  Everyone that was at the Rogerson workshop stood ringside watching their performance and roared when they finished.  In hindsight, the “fix” was really quite simple but it felt like magic to two Novice A people!
Richmond Dog Obedience Club has booked John Rogerson to return in the fall of 2006 and there is already a waiting list for limited spots.  Next year he will conduct a two day tracking workshop, four days on the foundation of canine behavior, and two days of competition obedience.  If you’re interested in learning more about this year’s workshop, the “fix”, or the 2006 workshop let me know.
Happy Heeling
Mary Ann Massie

To Make You SMILE…

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