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  JULY 2004

Happy Summer to one and all, and THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make our Specialty such a success. It was obviously a case of many hands making for light work—and I think everyone can appreciate the wonderful outcome that we had. I’d like to especially thank Mary Ann Massie for “driving the train,” so to speak. Being Show Secretary is a challenging job and Mary Ann does it with ease. We shouldn’t take this for granted though, and I am hoping we can find a couple folks to work  along with her next year to share the load. Another special “thanks” goes out to Sarah Getzler who pretty much stirred all the pots while the rest of us were watching the show. It seems like a small thing, but Sarah unselfishly gave up her opportunity to see any of the judging in order to keep the potluck on track. And, of course, to all of you who contributed in any way—bringing food, setting up, cleaning up, etc.

Thank you. Together we do great things…and I thought the potluck was GREAT!!  Now, let’s think up a GREAT idea for NEXT YEAR!!!
On a personal note, the Monday following our Specialty was a black one for Gil and I, as Maggie (our CH Special and mother of our recent litter) began to show signs of a neurological problem. Xrays revealed some problem discs and she was treated medically. She was recovering nicely, but a week later, the disc finally ruptured. She underwent  surgery at VRCC in Manakin—a facility that I can highly recommend. She is home now, has deep pain sensation in legs and tail, and with therapy is expected to walk again.  To those few of you who knew about this, thanks for your kind calls and notes—I haven’t had time to respond to them all. Taking care of an invalid and a 15 week old puppy is a challenge—and Gil has reported to his new job in Washington DC. It doesn’t rain, it pours!

 As a result, there are two things that I had hoped to have in place for this newsletter that have gone undone…and within the next week or so I will be able to finalize these for you.

First, we will have a picnic some time in August. Two club members have offered their homes. I will be making a decision about that, and it will probably be based on ease for my own particular situation.

Second, we need to start thinking about next year. I will be asking a couple members to serve on a Nominating Committee to come up with a slate of officers for next year. I hope that if this Committee approaches you and asks you to serve on the Board that you will say yes. I will not be able to serve again as President, due to the new living situation that Gil and I find ourselves in, so I see the Presidential office as our most immediate need. If you think you might be interested in serving on the Board in any capacity, please let me know so that I will be able to pass that information on to the Nominating Committee. A Committee report will be published prior to the August Picnic/Meeting, and we will entertain nominees from the floor at that time.

Believe it or not, our Annual Meeting—do you want to have another Potluck as we have done in the past?—is scheduled for September. How quickly this year has flown by.

 Again, thanks to all of you for the things you have done for me and for our club. Every contribution, no matter how small, is more important than you can imagine.

Warmest regards— MaryAnne T.

Trophy table at the VKC Specialty June 19.

Thanks to our 2004 Trophy Fund Sponsors!!  We couldn’t have a specialty without you!!

Barbara Bagley
Barbara Friedman
Lorraine Genieczko
Sarah Getzler
Phyllis Grilli
Catherine Johnson
Marilyn Palmore
Mary Ann Massie
Sherry Sackett
Ann and Stanley Reed
Tonya and Michael Rodich
Betty Saady
Bill and Betsy Schrage

Thanks to Barbara Friedman for submitting the cartoon!

Humor…Rated “PG13”

Every Sunday, a little old lady placed $1,000 in the collection  plate. This went on for weeks until the pastor, overcome by curiosity, approached her.  "Ma'am, I couldn't help but notice that you put $1,000 a week
in the collection plate," he stated.  
"Why yes," she replied, "every week my son sends me money, and what I don't need I give to the church."  
The pastor replied... "That's wonderful, how much does he send you?"  
The old lady said... "Oh, $20,000 a week."
The pastor was amazed...
"Your son is very successful, what does he do for a living?"
"He is a veterinarian," she answered.
"That is a very honorable profession," the pastor says. "Where does he practice?"  
The old lady says proudly.... "Well, he has two cat houses in Las Vegas and one in Reno."

Make a note………

Marilyn Palmore has a new address.  You can drop her a note to 5225 Glade Creek Road, Roanoke VA 24012.  We will miss having Marilyn as an active member!  Best wishes to her as she relocates.


(make copies and check off before you leave (groggy at 4 a.m.)

Dog Show Checklist:

Show outfit (wear or take a spare)
Pantyhose, show shoes,      
Weather appropriate clothing       
Tshirts, shorts, warm jacket,       
Blanket, hat, gloves, sweater,       
Dog coat or sweater,            
Make up bag (tooth brush, and paste, hairbrush, deodorant)
Toiletries (men need shaving gear)   
Pjs and nightgown, and your MEDICATIONS!

first aid kit (with hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, benedryl, syrup of ipicac, eye ointment, panalog, anti-diarrea pills and pain reliever.

Folding umbrella, plastic poncho, cell phone, atlas and road maps.
Crate with towel/blanket and spare towel/blanket
x-pen with shade tarp and spring clips
dolly, bungee cords, lawn chair,

grooming table and arm, standing table,
grooming box with brushes, flea comb, strippers, nail clippers and quickstop, pumice stone, scissors, thinning shears, hound glove, show lead, and spare show lead, nail grinder, tooth scraper, ear cleaner

water bowl, food bowl, dog food, bait (liver, bacon, or

Cooler (lunch, bottled water, fruit, snacks)
newspapers, plastic sheets, paper towels,

grooming apron with pockets,
judging program, pedigree of your dog,
Business cards, show record,



From Kitty Johnson:
Peachtree's Dixie Culpepper
5/21 at Gloucester under Roger Hartinger, BOS, 2 pts.
5/29 at Pinehurst under Randy Garren, BOW, 2 pts
5/30 at Pinehurst under Robert Stein, Breed, think it is 2 pts.
 Yeah, Dixie has finally figured out how to show.

From Sherry Sackett:
Southwold Usonia Liberty Bell W finished her championship with a major win at the Met/Wash specialty. That does that litter. 3 total done.

From Mary Ann Massie:
On Sunday March 28 Mary Ann Massie and “Libbie”, standard smooth dachshund, successfully passed their “TD” test at the Oriole Dog Training Club tests in northeast Maryland!!  On Monday April 12 “Libbie” picked up her last two points to complete her conformation championship at the Fredericksburg Kennel Club all breed show!! 
Ch Apple Hills Liberty SS TD has been on a roll!

From Barbara Friedman:
Friedox Just for Kicks mw went winner's dog and best of
winners at our specialty show to finish his championship. It was his forth
major! "Max" is now taking a well earned rest while he waits for his future
"brides" to come in season.
Also, I would like to thank all the members who helped with the
luncheon and brought food.  You all really helped to make it a big success!

Financial Summary from Specialty with sweepstakes and Supported Entry, VKC 2004

Sweepstakes 6/19:
VKC trophy contribution $10

biscuit jar $20
Sweepstakes judges gas $25
Sweepstakes net loss of $35  

Specialty in Conjunction with the VKC All Breed Show 6/19:
Saturday entries 76 X $5 = $380
Trophy Fund  $430

DCA Trophy plan A $180
AKC fee $15
VKC Catalog ad $45
Trophy purchase $404.36
Stamps $7.40
Specialty net income of $ 158.24

Supported entries on Sunday 6/20:
VKC contribution to BOV $15 x 3 = $45

Cash award $20 x 3 = $60
Supported net loss of $15

Net loss on sweeps $35
Net loss on supported $15
Net income on specialty $158.24

Notes:  entries were down from 2003; added expense of gas for sweeps judge; participation by DFCV in trophy fund down; trophies more expensive

Thanks to everyone who helped out before, during, and after the show. 
Mary Ann Massie

 Results from the June 19, 2004 Dachshund Fanciers of Central Virginia Specialty, held in conjunction with the Virginia Kennel Club All Breed and Obedience Show, Richmond VA

Best In Sweeps – Longhair Bencelia’s I Luv Lucy
Owner: Diana Spendelow and M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz
Best Smooth in Sweeps Bencelia’s Blushing Gold
Owner: M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz and Marcia Astley
Best Wire in Sweeps Southwold Montana Rose W
Owner: Linda R. Relli and Sherwood Sackett

BOV  Ch Diagram Tradescant SS
Breeder/Owner: Dianne Graham
BOS Ch Bencelia’s Bad Black Girl
Breeder/Owner: M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz
WB/BOW Petalpusher Bridal Bokay MS
Breeder: Laura Abbott  Owner: L.Abbott and Diane Graham
RWB Bencelia’s Blushing Gold
Breeder:  Kathleen Klimkiewicz  Owner: K. Klimkiewicz and Marcia Astley
WD Melwyn Revolution At Daxford
Breeder/Owner: Lorraine Genieczko and Melissa Wynings
RWD Kelly’s Brambles Prince Charming MS
Breeder/Owner: David and Vivian Kelly

BOV/GRP2  Ch Sleepy Hollow’s Leader L
Breeder: Ann Wlodkowski and Nancy Lindhe-Eby  Owner: Ann and Robert Wlodkowski
BOS CH Stonybrook Proud Zoe-L
Breeder: Robin Gionapoulos and Janet Wayock  Owner: Hillary Jordan
WD/BOW Dachaven Pony Express
Breeder/Owner: Alan and Paula James
RWD Sleeptyime’s Incandescent ML
Breeder/Owner: Susan and Johnny Jones
WB Sleepytime Split Decision ML
Breeder/Owner: Susan and Johnny Jones
RWB Stonebridge Santa Fe Siddach
Breeder: Carol Gay and Sidney Stafford  Owner: Constance Fisher and C. Gay and S. Stafford

BOV Ch Usonia-Neudorf Apache Dover TD
Breeder: Virginia Perrin  Owner: B. Waldkirch and B. Bolay and F. Neuwirth
BOS Ch EZ Goins Oprah Wirefrey MW
Breeder:  Robbie Loyde  Owner: Sherry Hatfield and R. Loyde
WD/BOW Friedox Just For Kicks MW
Breeder/Owner: Barbara J. Friedman
RWD  Del-Mar’s Principe Pequeno
Breeder/Owner: Marie Taylor
WB Nightwind’s Petite Delight MW
Breeder: Sherrie Deal  Owner:  June Cohron DVM
RWB Starbarrack Sweet Souffle SW
Breeder: Mary E. Heywood  Owner: Donna Schafer and M. Heywood

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