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Tracking Workshop


It was a chilly, overcast day when we gathered at Robin (?'s) farm (with dachshunds in tow) to participate in an introductory tracking workshop.

Our instructor, Beth Goodbody, was super--making it easy for everyone to be successful.
Each dog and handler got to try their hand at a few tracks. We learned how to lay a track, and how to reward the dog for following a track.

This is Marilyn Palmore with one of her dogs...waiting her turn.

Here are a few more DFCV members...waiting to track. By this time, even though it had started to pour, our dogs understood that tracking was FUN...and that their reward was going to be FOOD!

What's not to like?!
Of course, for most of us, one of the highlights was lunch...kicking back and drying off...after all that fresh air, who knew a brown bag lunch could taste so yummy?!

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Fuzzy Faces Free Doggy Graphics
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