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Helpful Links

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Dachshund Clubs
Conformation/Showing Dogs
Breeding & Genetics
Dachshund Club of America
Showdog Supersite (Links & Articles)
Whelping Chart
National Miniature Dachshund Club
AKC Beginners' Guide to Dog Shows
Lowchen Links Collection (various breeding topics)
Deersearch, Inc.
You Be the Judge (dachshund structure) [in web archive]
Temperature Analysis for Predicting Whelping
DC of Santa Ana Valley (CA)
Conformation Showing FAQ [in web archive] Stud Dog Management
Dallas-Ft. Worth DC (TX)
UKC Conformation Rules
Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies
DC of Greater Syracuse (NY)
Conformation Showing (good basic article)
Fading Puppy Syndrome
Hudson Valley DC (NY)
American Kennel Club
Dog-Play Breeder Links (breeding, genetics, etc.)
Cumberland Valley DC (TN/KY)

Dog Owner's Guide: Watching a Conformation Show
Responsible Animal Owners of TN: Making informed breeding decisions (genetics, breeding choices, etc.)
DC of St. Louis (MO)
Shaping for the Show Ring (training)
Myths about Inbreeding & Line breeding
Metropolitan Washington DC (DC)
Crufts Dog Show (UK)
Canine Color Genetics Links
Minnesota DC (MN)
Westminster Kennel Club Show
Breeding/Whelping Links (whelping box plans)
Desert Valley DC (AZ)
Best In Show (Eric & Nancy Liebes)

DC of Hawaii (HI)
Match Show Bulletin
Raising & Training Puppies
Greater Portland DC (OR)
Canine Review Magazine (Canada)
Early Neurological Stimulation - Battaglia (article)
Sierra Dachshund Breeders Club of Los Angeles Co. (CA)
Dog News Online (includes statistics)

Puppy Socialization and Habituation (Appleby)
Western PA DC (PA)
Canine Chronicle (statistics, articles)
Sensory, Emotional & Social Development of the Young Dog (Dehasse)
DCA Region VI [currently not working 11/8/04]
The Dog Place
Submissive Urination
North American Teckel Club

Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test
Swedish Dachshund Club
Superintendents/Show Entry
Temperament Testing Puppies
German Dachshund Club
Reading and Understanding Canine Behavior/Language
German DC - Wurttenburg [incorrect link 11/8/04]
Infodog (MB-F)
Crate Training
German DC - Hildesheim
Handling Aggression Between Littermates
German DC - Munsterland [currently not working 11/8/04] Rogers
"Careful Breeders Let Littermates Learn from One Another"
German DC - Nordeheide
Roy Jones
"Housetraining Small Dogs Presents Problems"
German DC - Niedersachser
"Key Steps to Insure Proper Housetraining for Dogs"
German DC - Landesverband Weser-Ems
"If You Chase Him, He Will Run" (dogs who won't come when called)
UK Dachshund Club links
"It Takes a Pack to Raise a Puppy" (Clothier)
DC of Queensland (Australia) [currently not working 11/8/04] Garvin
Selecting for Vigor (Clothier)
Prairie DC (Canada)

Eastern Canada DC
The Entry Line (Canadian entries)

DC of Denmark

DC of Finland
Finding a Responsible Breeder

DC of the Netherlands (Holland)
Checklist for a Responsible Breeder

South African DC
Finding a Responsible Breeder

DC of Switzerland
"Best Breeders Just Say No"

Ask These Questions Before You Buy

Recognizing an Unethical Breeder

"Breeder Qualifications Matter When Buying a Dog"

VA Kennel Clubs

Middle Peninsula KC [currently not working 11/8/04] Choosing a breed/dog

Tidewater KC
Choosing a breed

Richmond Dog Obedience Training Club
AKC About buying a dog

Tidewater Performance Dog Club
Choosing a dog (links collection)

Middleburg Kennel Club
Is the dachshund right for you?

Warrenton KC
Pros & Cons of owning a dachshund

Greater Fredericksburg KC

Old Dominion KC
Dachshund Rescue

Langley Kennel Club
DCA Rescue Contact Information

Pomeranian Club of Central VA
Dachshund Rescue Web Page

VA Sharpei Club
Dachshund Rescue of North America

VA Hunting Dog Owner's Assoc.
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue

Merrimac Dog Training Club
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

Portsmouth-Chesapeake Obedience Training Club
Second Chance Shelter (Powhatan, VA)

Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs & Breeders
Petfinder Shelter locator

Colonial Newfoundland Club

Capital City Cocker Club

Dachshund Performance Events

DCA Trial Advisory Committee


Earthdog Ins & Outs (Frier-Murza)

Earthdog Trial page

NJ Beanfield ED Club

Puget Sound ED Club

Earthdog (pictures of tunnels)

The Undergrounders (articles) [in web archive] (articles, training tips)


Serpentine Tracks

Online vs Offline Tracking

The Tracking Page


Scent Games (Rice & Clothier)

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