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  January, 2005

President's Message:

      I would like to wish everyone a very  Happy New Year, and thank all
those who came "all the way out to the boonies" to attend the annual Holiday
Party. Hopefully,  several of our many  guests will become new members,
strengthening our club even more in '05.
     I hope to see everyone on Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 7:00 to hear Lisa Kennell's
Program.  She is a Dog Trainer at Homeland Security's Dog Training Facility
in Front  Royal, Va, and will tell us how she finds and trains the dogs and
their handlers to detect bombs, drugs and illegal immigrants in cargo ships.
It should be really interesting!
      This spring, we will have other interesting programs like: Dog Show
101, The AKC Video on the Dachshund Standard, and one on Holistic Health.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for others.
      See you on the 18th!

Handling Class for Conformation Shows:

Abby Dunham, recording secretary for Virginia Kennel Club, reports Conformation handling classes, sponsored by the Virginia Kennel Club, will begin on Monday January 3, 2005!   The classes will be held every Monday EXCEPT for the third (3rd) Monday of the month which is the regular VKC meeting night.  The handling classes begin at 7:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m.  The classes are generally "drop in" so you do not have to attend every Monday.  The fee is $5 per Monday evening session.

The handling classes will be divided into two (2) classes.  One of the classes being for small dogs - ones that are shown on the table...and large dogs.  Half of the room is matted so we will switch half way through the class so that both large and small dogs will experience using the mat...and also the unmatted floor.

The location for the handling classes:
Stay & Play” (formerly All Dog Playskool Southside) at 730 Research Rd., Richmond. (379-9700)

DFCV 2005 Specialty Show

Our Specialty Show to be held in conjunction with the VKC All Breed and Obedience Show will be held on Saturday June 25 at the Showplace.  Betty Saady will judge sweepstakes classes.  There has been some confusion even within VKC about the date of the show….I have been assured June 25 is THE date.  We will support entries on Sunday June 26.  Your kind financial support is needed.  Phyllis Grilli will accept your donations to the trophy fund.  Please bring your check book with you to the January meeting!!  We will also need you to attend the show, cook up your favorite dish for the covered dish luncheon, and lend a hand where needed.  As you travel to other shows please “talk up” our show.  Saturday’s specialty judge is Eugene Blake; the Sunday supported entry judge is Denny Mounce.

I will be taking a break from show liaison after the 2005 show – anyone interested in this job should contact me.  I can “mentor” you through it!
Mary Ann Massie

Front and Finish magazine honors George Richards and "Hummel"

 Maryland resident, longtime obedience competitor, and beloved dachshund enthusiast George Richards appears on the cover of Front and Finish magazine's January 2005 issue.  This magazine targets obedience enthusiast, most of them lovers of the "herding" breeds, so this is quite an honor.  In a two page article George recounts, with his usual humor and in his unique storytelling style, his life inside and outside of the ring, including his tracking escapades.  At 93 years "young" George is still competing - his most recent partner is two year old Hummel, a miniature longhair.  What a team!
 If you would like a copy of the article please email me and give me your mailing address.  I'll forward a copy to you.  If you know George personally I am sure you've enjoyed his life lessons and wonderful sense of humor.  If you don't know George I hope you will run into him at an All Breed show that has obedience.  You can't miss him.  All you need to do is say "Hey I've got a dachshund too".  You will have made a very special new friend.
 Mary Ann Massie

To Make You SMILE…

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