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Dachshund Fanciers of Central Virginia

Code of Ethics

Drafted and Approved by Members September, 1992
Revised February, 2004

1.    "Abide by and uphold the principals of the By-Laws of DFCV & AKC"

2.     To devote ourselves to the advancement of the Breed.                                
A.    Study and acquire knowledge of the Breed Standard, general faults, and genetics.

B.    Breed selectively to improve stock.  Do not breed indiscriminately for the purpose of selling puppies.

C.    Breed and sell only AKC registered puppies.

3.     Maintain a healthy environment, provide preventive veterinary care, proper diet, and essential grooming that includes teeth, nails and coat. To ensure that my dogs are not a nuisance to my neighbors or my community.

4.     Keep a complete record of all stud services, litter registrations, births, bills of sale, co-ownership contracts or any other agreements between seller and buyer.

5.     Promote spaying and neutering of all dogs and bitches not desirable for breeding. To consider issuing limited registration papers, subject to the rules of the AKC, or withholding registration papers until proof of spaying or neutering is presented on any dog sold or placed as a companion.

6.     Refuse to sell animals to pet shops, commercial brokers, dealers, raffles or similar projects.

7.     To accept full responsibility for every dog that I breed. To sell on a contract that ensures that I am contacted whenever the owner cannot keep a dog at any time in the dog's life. To assist in the placement of the dog or accept its return. As owner of a stud dog, to offer stud services only to those breeders who accept full responsibility for what they breed.

8.     To under no circumstances, surrender a dog or a puppy to a humane society or shelter. If the animal is unplaceable because it has a destructive temperament, is seriously injured, terminally ill or it would be inhumane to prolong life, to take responsibility for the euthanizing of the dog.

9.     Provide each buyer of a puppy or adult dog with:

A.    AKC registration form and three generation pedigree (if requested) (unless otherwise provided for under a contract).
B.    Complete medical record of dog sold.
C.    Details on feeding and care.
D.    Signed copy of any agreement between seller and purchaser, such as, co-ownership, breeding conditions, or any other special conditions agreed upon by both parties at the date of sale.

10.     Members of the Dachshund Fanciers of Central Virginia are expected to abide by this Code or be subject to Board inquiry and possible disciplinary action.

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