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Dachshund Fanciers of Central Virginia

2004 Specialty


Judge: Ms. Karen Wilson
 Best In Sweeps (Longhair) – Longhair Bencelia’s I Luv Lucy
 Owner: Diana Spendelow and M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz

 Best Smooth in Sweeps Bencelia’s Blushing Gold
 Owner: M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz and Marcia Astley

 Best Wire in Sweeps Southwold Montana Rose W
 Owner: Linda R. Relli and Sherwood Sackett

Dachshund (Longhaired)

Judge: Eileen Pimlott ( 34 Ent - 17d - 17b)
 BOV/GRP2  Ch Sleepy Hollow’s Leader L
 Breeder: Ann Wlodkowski and Nancy Lindhe-Eby  Owner: Ann and Robert Wlodkowski

 BOS CH Stonybrook Proud Zoe-L
 Breeder: Robin Gionapoulos and Janet Wayock  Owner: Hillary Jordan

 WD/BOW Dachaven Pony Express
 Breeder/Owner: Alan and Paula James

 RWD Sleeptyime’s Incandescent ML
 Breeder/Owner: Susan and Johnny Jones

 WB Sleepytime Split Decision ML
 Breeder/Owner: Susan and Johnny Jones

 RWB Stonebridge Santa Fe Siddach
 Breeder: Carol Gay and Sidney Stafford  Owner: Constance Fisher and C. Gay and S. Stafford

Dachshund (Smooth)

Judge: Eileen Pimlott (14 Ent - 7d - 7b)
 BOV  Ch Diagram Tradescant SS
 Breeder/Owner: Dianne Graham

 BOS Ch Bencelia’s Bad Black Girl
 Breeder/Owner: M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz

 WB/BOW Petalpusher Bridal Bokay MS
 Breeder: Laura Abbott  Owner: L. Abbott and Diane Graham

 RWB Bencelia’s Blushing Gold
 Breeder:  Kathleen Klimkiewicz  Owner: K. Klimkiewicz and Marcia Astley

 WD Melwyn Revolution At Daxford
 Breeder/Owner: Lorraine Genieczko and Melissa Wynings

 RWD Kelly’s Brambles Prince Charming MS
 Breeder/Owner: David and Vivian Kelly


Dachshund (Wirehaired)

Judge: Eileen Pimlott (22 Ent - 9d - 13b)
 BOV Ch Usonia-Neudorf Apache Dover TD
 Breeder: Virginia Perrin  Owner: B. Waldkirch and B. Bolay and F. Neuwirth

 BOS Ch EZ Goins Oprah Wirefrey MW
 Breeder:  Robbie Lloyd  Owner: Sherry Hatfield and R. Lloyd

 WD/BOW Friedox Just For Kicks MW
 Breeder/Owner: Barbara J. Friedman

 RWD  Del-Mar’s Principe Pequeno
 Breeder/Owner: Marie Taylor

 WB Nightwind’s Petite Delight MW
 Breeder: Sherrie Deal  Owner:  June Cohron DVM

 RWB Starbarrack Sweet Souffle SW
 Breeder: Mary E. Heywood  Owner: Donna Schafer and M. Heywood


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